physical therapy for sports, orthopedic and spine injuries

The Physical Therapy team at Spine Nevada and Swift Urgent Clinic has experience in treating spine as well as musculoskeletal and neurological conditions, orthopedic and sports injuries, vestibular and balance disorders, and pre / post-therapy for spine and joint surgeries. The physical therapists collaborate with providers of Spine Nevada and Swift Urgent Clinic to help each patient find pain relief and return to more active lifestyles.

In addition to special exercise equipment and devices geared for physical rehabilitation, the physical therapists can reference a virtual Exercise Library that enables them to customize a Home Exercise Program for each patient. Exclusively at Spine Nevada is the Salaso Remote Physical Therapy program. This online exercise program allows you to access your home exercise program online 24/7. The prescribed exercise program is customized for the individual. In this program, you'll be able to submit effort, pain, and activity levels for each exercise performed.

Lastly, because Spine Nevada and Swift Urgent Clinic are part of a multi-disciplinary group, this is an advantage over other physical therapy clinics in that the physical therapists have immediate access to physical medicine and rehabilitation MDs, interventional radiology MDs, and fellowship-trained spine surgeons since they are within the same center. This team of spine surgeons, nonsurgical specialty physicians and physical therapists can quickly conference and resolve questions and issues that may arise, without you having to wait several weeks for an appointment with an outside physician. This tight communication loop between patient, provider and physical therapist, represents a critical advantage that speeds the patient along to recovery faster than the outside physical therapy clinics that must communicate by phone or mail to those involved in the treatment process. At SpineNevada and Swift, everything is within one center for the benefit of the patient.