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"I will begin with the word, wow!! From the staff, to the doctors to the high-touch amenities / facilities / technology - I give the Swift Urgent Clinic five stars in every category. Swift is an extension of Spine Nevada ~ the absolute best spine resource I've experienced. In my opinion, Reno is blessed to have both of these tremendous resources, here locally.

grant korgan, swift orthopedic specialized clinic reno nevada

My Backstory: In 2010, I sustained a spinal cord injury. The heroes at Spine Nevada worked together in a multi-year collaborative effort, which yielded miraculous results for my recovery and my life. This recovery ultimately allowed me to become the first spinal cord injured athlete to ski to Antarctica's South Pole for an expedition to raise funds/awareness for the High Fives Foundation (watch the 'The Push' film on Amazon Prime Video or read the book 'Two Feet Back' on Amazon as well). After beginning my SCI journey with zero feeling or movement below my belly button, I began working with Dr James Lynch and his physical therapy team. My PT campaign was led by the very talented and forward-thinking, Thais Mollet and the results were miraculous. Years later, I am now walking with the assistance of two canes and my gratitude to this empowering group is well over the moon.

- Back to Swift: I still have zero feeling or movement below my knees. On Monday morning, I woke up with a bruised and swollen left foot. I walked into Swift without an appointment and was immediately greeted, x-rayed, seen by an extremely talented/friendly Dr and ultimately given comprehensive answers/treatment within 45 total minutes. Along with the 'art gallery' five star feeling, the gourmet coffees and treats were a high point as well.

Swift represents a fresh new approach to how great an ortho dr visit can be. I give Swift my highest recommendation and my deepest gratitude for their excellence.

One foot in front of the other" - Grant Korgan, 5 Star Yelp Review

"My mother received outstanding, prompt, service today when she came for a follow-up appointment after a recent accident. We were greeted immediately by Nichole who expedited the check in process. Dr. Candy provided a very thorough examination and spent quality time with us. The x-ray techs were very considerate regarding my mother's condition and Nurse Savanah helped us by giving us detailed information for additional treatment and follow-up appointments. The entire staff were very friendly and the facility is extremely clean and welcoming. We highly recommend Swift Urgent Clinic for your ortho treatments." - 5 Star Yelp Review EW

"My BF was badly hurt in a skiing accident and dislocated his shoulder and received numerous skin abrasions. After numerous problems with home healthcare nurses and even his own Dr trying to help, we discovered Bruce and the wonderful team at Swift Urgent Clinic (the new Reno location). We could not have been more impressed with the sincere kindness, professionalism and knowledge from every person we spoke with. We will continue to recommend them to anyone who needs this type of care. SO happy we found them!!" - 5 Star Yelp Review LE

I have a weird situation. My knee bleeds internally and has to be drained a lot!! I showed up and was treated better than I have been treated at any urgent care I have ever been to!!! The staff was upbeat and so positive. Then Bruce Gallio met me in the patient room and was beyond being an expert but treated me as a friend. He was truly warm and concerned. Even though we couldn't fix my situation he followed up with several other physicians to get me into an expert who could treat me. This was amazing. A referral an appointment and several phone calls to make sure I was OK and with all the appointment information. What an awesome experience! Thank you Swift and Bruce Gallio PA!!" - 5 Star Yelp Review TT

I can't recommend this place enough! The intake process was super thorough and organized and I was seen right away. Bruce Gallio gave me a very in depth but understandable explanation of my injury. He has a bedside manner unmatched by any other medical professional I've encountered-- I've seen a few doctors for this injury, and he was the first I've seen who was competent and compassionate enough to really help. Sabrina did my X-rays and she was awesome as well. This place was a bit of a drive for me, but it was so worth it. If you have an orthopedic injury, don't bother going anywhere else! - 5 Star Yelp Review KG

"I have been here twice. Hardly any wait time and the staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. If I have to go to urgent care again I will go back to them." - 5 Star Yelp Review BL

Just received great care for a long-term running/foot issue I've been having. All the staff was kind and helpful, and the facility is esthetically pleasing and comfortable to be in. They are a walk-in urgent care clinic for injuries, and arrived around 11am and was helped right away. I was cared for by Candie Slider, PA-C. I left feeling hopeful about finally resolving my foot issues! - 5 Star Yelp Review CJ

"Cheers to the staff at Swift!!! I received excellent treatment when I needed their service. Access was easy and the quality of care is outstanding!! I would definitely recommend this clinic any one who needs to be seen if they have orthopedic issues. Shout out to Bruce G. for his excellent clinical acumen." - 5 Star Yelp Review ED

This clinic is extremely slick. It is an extension of SPINE NV which is arguably the best Spine/Neurosurgery practice in Northern Nevada. The staff was able to quickly get me in and started on a treatment plan. The office has a direct referral for physical therapy, and if needed advanced radiology to specialized surgery. I highly recommend this office for your ortho/sports/spine related injuries. - 5 Star Yelp Review SR

"If you need help, come here. An extension of Spine Nevada, Swift Urgent Clinic treats orthopedic and sports related injuries. The Swift has the equipment, technology, and expertise to diagnose and treat orthopedic patients. These people really care, and they always treat me with compassion and competence." - 5 Star Yelp Review PH

"Abosultely pleasant experience. everyone was extremely friendly and helpful. highly recommend!" - 5 Star Yelp Review DF

"When you're in need of an A Team go to Swift. They offer such great and efficient care and services in a prompt manner. After an accident you need a team to help assess and direct your care and Swift was it for me. Thank you to Bruce Gallio for your professional services from beginning to end. Now I must mention your facility off of Vista...it's first class too." - 5 Star Yelp Review N.L.

"I can not say enough about how kind and caring everyone is from check in, to medical assistants and Bruce Gallio. Everyone cares about the best care for you and is very fast and friendly. The office is immaculate and comfortable, including the cutest pictures on every wall. Thank you Bruce Gallio you are the best and I will follow you anywhere. I love upfront and honest answers so thank you for all of your amazing care." – 5 Star Yelp Review, K.M.

"My husband fell and injured his left shoulder. Yesterday I took him to Swift Urgent Care to have his shoulder evaluated. After he was registered, a brief, efficient process, he was immediately taken to an exam room. Within minutes he was seen by the MA and then taken for X-Rays. Shortly thereafter he was seen by the PA. We spent only an hour there, got a complete diagnosis and a path forward. The PA was awesome and the Staff amazing. I highly recommend Swift Urgent Care for any Orthopaedic issue requiring immediate attention." – 5 Star Yelp Review, A.C.

"I am so grateful that we have Swift Urgent Clinic in Northern Nevada! It is an excellent walk-in clinic that exists outside of any of the hospitals in our area, which generally leads to more affordable treatment of injuries. Concerned about a strain, sprain, tear or closed fracture (one that doesn't break the skin)? Swift is the place to go! Because they are still a newer practice, it's pretty easy and well, swift, to get in and quickly be treated by an Advanced Care Practitioner.

My husband injured himself at work some months ago, and I referred him to Swift due to the excellent word-of-mouth I have heard from many of my colleagues in the healthcare community. He was able to get in, have x-rays taken, meet with a Physician's Assistant for results and a treatment plan, and walk out with an orthopedic support device as well as a referral for an MRI all on his lunch break! The Providers and staff here are caring, compassionate, efficient and very knowledgeable about what they do. He was also provided a referral to an excellent Orthopedic Surgeon from Great Basin Orthopaedics to follow up with after his MRI.

I cannot recommend Swift Urgent Clinic enough for all of your Ortho, Sports, and Spine ailments/injuries. They can even help treat new onset joint pain, too! Three cheers for Swift!" - 5 Star Yelp Review A.C.

"Very pleasant experience. The staff and doctors are extremely kind and went above and beyond to take care of me. Would 10/10 recommend this clinic to anyone." - 5 Star Yelp Review Z.B.

"Had a sciatica event that had me on the ground, extremely painful. Got referred to Swift. They got me in quickly and through xrays. Dr was right in after XRays and walked me through the diagnosis and options. Spent the right amount of time with me and the paperwork was all done quickly as well. Very professional - would definitely recommend." - 5 Star Yelp Review, J.S.

"I can't say enough good things about this clinic. Both visits I have had for my kids, the Dr. & staff have gone above & beyond to take great care of us & follow up. They even scheduled my daughter an appointment with a specialist during Covid 19 because we couldn't get into see anyone due to the virus. The staff is kind & courteous & we were quickly taken care of by a knowledgeable professional both times. Thank you Swift!! You will remain our first choice." - 5 Star Yelp Review, S.L.

My 6 year old daughter injured herself on Mother's Day and we did not want to have to go to the ER. I had driven past the signs for the Clinic many times so I knew that's where we would go.

We walked in and were registered immediately. We didn't get through the registration before we were brought into a comfortable room. They have X-ray and MRI on site so she was walked back to X-ray within minutes. I was able to stay with her and the technician was great in explaining everything to my daughter.

Bruce Gallio, PA-C was in to see us with a picture of her X-ray for her to keep. She was fitted for a brace immediately and got more stickers than I could count and a teddy bear. They were also kind enough to give me extra bears for her brother and sister!

I mentioned to the doctor that I needed to come in and have him look at my shoulder. He said he could do it then. The staff made my registration very easy and got me precertification in case I needed a injection. I was X-rayed and treated in under 15 minutes.

We both were able to schedule follow up appointments and told to call if I had any questions or concerns. I don't think I've ever had a better experience in a Urgent Care. Ever.

I am SO thankful they opened in South Reno. Make this your first option for sports injuries, orthopedic and spinal care! - 5 Star Testimonial E.D.

"We went there because my husbands hand was hurting and they were close by so that is a plus. We were amazed at how fast we were checked in and seen by the doctor. The staff is very friendly and the waiting area has coffee tea lemon water and even some cookies. This was nice to have a hot cup of coffee especially since it was cold outside. The doctor was awesome he explained everything to us. Swift urgent care clinic is amazing we won't be going anywhere else." - 5 Star Yelp Review LW

"Had a great experience here! I heard about this place after visiting another Ortho Urgent Care... So glad I went to get a second opinion. The employees and their service is superb here. I definitely recommend going to this clinic!" - 5 Star Yelp Review DB

"I was hesitant at first to go to an urgent care clinic to have them look at my knee post-accident (tore my ACL skiing), simply because most urgent care centers usually give the vibe that they are out to collect $$$ from unknowing patients...and that the staff is (for lack of a better term) "b team" status... this is not the case for this center!

i went in on new year's eve (in the morning, of course) and each staff member i interacted with was extremely genuine and helpful -- not at all what you'd expect from an urgent care center. they answered my questions and put my mind at ease, they even let me know they'd try their best to get my MRI scheduled for as soon as possible since i had mentioned that i would like to move forward with surgery in the very near future...i look forward to working with their staff in whatever capacity i'll need to.

i would definitely recommend Bruce and his staff (can't remember their names, sorry!) for all of your urgent orthopedic needs in the future!!!" - 5 Star Yelp Review LJ

"I arrived at Swift Urgent Clinic and was greeted, paperwork was completed and I was taken to a room to wait. Within just a couple of minutes I was greeted by a PA and an x-ray technician. Everyone I was in contact with was friendly and professional. I will use this clinic in the future if the need arises." - 5 Star Yelp Review MH

"I had a great experience with receptionist Morgan and then PA Candalera. She was so down to earth listened to my problems and boom diagnosed! I've been to the ER. Twice, and an urgent care and it ranged from anxiety and acid reflux to being to "stressed out!?" She immediately felt I had a rib displacement that's been causing me issues gave me meds and a follow up plans and I felt brand new for the first time in 2 months! I recommend them, and will be sure to point people that way anytime! Thank you guys!" - 5 Star Yelp Review LA

"we were very happy with the service terry williams received, terry was in need of a doctors care and didn't have a good primary doctor he was in a lot of pain and we visit swift urgent clinic and they were on it quickly, in a matter of minutes they seen terry and treated him the same day and also relieved him of his pain now that's saying something, that's saying alot, you can not get good fast professional service now days unless you visit swift urgent clinic that's the only way to get good fast service. sincerely" - 5 Star Yelp Review RL

"Everyone here is great! I was able to get checked in, seen by the staff, get x-rays, get a brace for my ankle, and be off on my way in a little over half an hour. Entire staff is very knowledgeable and answered any questions that I might have and were very friendly." - 5 Star Yelp Review SH

Emily Flynn Testimonial

"If you haven’t made the Switch yet...switch to SWIFT Urgent Care! By far the best Ortho urgent care physicians and staff in our area. We’ve been going to The ROC Urgent Care since it opened a few years ago. Recently they have made changes that have not worked out for the better. After a few questionable appointments I searched elsewhere. I found Dr. Gallio and his crew. He correctly diagnosed my 6 year old with a broken foot. (Something the other clinic failed to do). She is now free from pain and on her way to healing. Make the switch to SWIFT!" — Facebook Recommendation

Bill Williams Testimonial

Bill first heard about Swift Urgent Clinic while listening to the radio. When he heard the radio spot it caught his attention and he was interested to learn about Swift’s orthopedic Urgent Clinic — but he wasn’t injured at the time. Fast forward a couple weeks and Bill experienced an unexpected injury to his shoulder while working. “I was walking in my shop and tripped over a part. As I was falling, I used my left arm to break my fall and this resulted in my shoulder dislocation injury.”

Bill called ahead to Swift Urgent Clinic to let the orthopedic walk-in clinic know he was coming in. “They took me right back when I arrived,” Bill explains. Janet Highhill, PA-C and Bruce Gallio, PA-C were the orthopedic specialized providers that saw Bill during his visit. “X-rays were ordered and done quickly, I even got a cd of my x-rays to take home that day. They had my shoulder set and in a sling in no time. The whole visit took a little over an hour and I was able to use my insurance,” Bill explains. “If you have a broken bone, sprain or strain - go to Swift Urgent Clinic - they will take care of your injury right away. It’s the place to go,” Bill says. “I’ve been telling others — if you have an orthopedic related injury — go to Swift orthopedic urgent center. You’ll get the care you need, when you need it.”

Connie Wray-Gaudard Testimonial

"I've dealt with hip pain for over 10 years. I had a hip scope done 5 years ago. Unfortunately, the calcium grew back and my bone spurs returned. I was in severe pain and about to travel over the Thanksgiving weekend. I honestly didn't think I would get any relief until after the holiday because lets be honest, how was I going to get an injection? Thankfully my doctor. Dr. Dolon from Great Basin Orthopaedics - GBO contacted Swift Urgent Clinic I was able to get into see Dr. Gallio in less than 24 hours to get my injection. The care I received was outstanding. From the moment I walked in the front staff was kind and helpful. They helped me navigate my new insurance. The entire staff understood what I was going through and did everything in their power to make me comfortable. I was able to travel to Seattle. I was able to get some relief and enjoy my 1st Thanksgiving with my family in 20 years!! I think having Swift in our community is truly a blessing. No more waiting for weeks on end waiting to get in for an orthopedic injury for weeks until you can see someone to even get a little relief. Thank you, Swift Urgent Clinic! You saved the holiday!!"

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Had a great experience here! I heard about this place after visiting another Ortho Urgent Care... So glad I went to get a second opinion. The employees and their service is superb here. I definitely recommend going to this clinic! Read more testimonials.

Diane B.

The service and personal care I received was top notch. Bruce Gallio, PA-C and the staff did everything to make me feel comfortable in a painful situation! Thank you. Read more testimonials.


I arrived at Swift Urgent Clinic and was greeted, paperwork was completed and I was taken to a room to wait. Within just a couple of minutes I was greeted by a PA and an x-ray technician. Everyone I was in contact with was friendly and professional. I will use this clinic in the future if the need arises. Read more testimonials.


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