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orthopedic walk-in clinic in reno and sparks

Swift Urgent Clinic is a orthopedic specialty clinic for orthopedic, sports and spine injuries. To request an appointment, contact us at 775-507-4700. Most regional insurances are accepted, our team will work to verify benefits. Reno and Sparks location information can be found here.

With the recent surge in coronavirus cases, Swift Urgent Clinic is taking precautions to keep everyone safe and protected from possible exposure to COVID-19 during their visit.

To create a safer situation for everyone in the clinic, we ask that anyone presenting to the clinic for a walk in, please give us a quick call at 775-507-4700 from their vehicle so we can ask you a few COVID-19 screening questions before you enter the building.

The well-being of our patients and team members remains our top priority. We appreciate your patience as we continue to navigate this challenging time and make improvements to serve you better.

Fill out the form below to request an appointment. Someone from our staff will contact you shortly. Thank you.

What our patients say

Had a great experience here! I heard about this place after visiting another Ortho Urgent Care... So glad I went to get a second opinion. The employees and their service is superb here. I definitely recommend going to this clinic! Read more testimonials.

Diane B.

The service and personal care I received was top notch. Bruce Gallio, PA-C and the staff did everything to make me feel comfortable in a painful situation! Thank you. Read more testimonials.


I arrived at Swift Urgent Clinic and was greeted, paperwork was completed and I was taken to a room to wait. Within just a couple of minutes I was greeted by a PA and an x-ray technician. Everyone I was in contact with was friendly and professional. I will use this clinic in the future if the need arises. Read more testimonials.