Joint and Extremity MRI

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Benefits of the O-Scan MRI vs. Traditional MRI include:

— O-Scan is the ultimate solution for MRI of the knee, calf, ankle, foot, hand, wrist, forearm and elbow because of the patient experience and high quality imaging

— O-Scan imaging is performed while you sit in a chair - only the extremity is scanned with the system

— O-Scan provides top comfort and support for larger patients

— O-Scan exam times and image quality live up to today’s high quality standards

The InMotion MRI and Extremity MRI is accompanied by a full service radiology team — from radiology concierge to schedule your appointment and confirm benefits, to knowledgeable MRI Technologists focused on exceeding patient expectations — to help ensure a pleasant and efficient imaging experience.

The MRI scans are read within 24 hours by a board-certified radiologist.